Doar Peștii se iubesc așa

Încă am probleme în a deschide uși, dar uneori sunt persoane care le deschid pentru mine 🙂 


10 coroane

Azi am iesit la alergat. Am alergat 15 minute pe ceas. 2km sau ceva. Probabil ca ar fi mai bine sa nu ies la alergat imediat dupa ce am terminat o punga de seminte. Sau poate ar trebui sa las semintele. Dar e mai greu decat lasatul de fumat, jur. Asa sunt eu, mai impulsiva... Continue Reading →


Remember when, at the Acropolis, I asked you for passionate love and some millions? Can we make it passionate love, some millions and  a 12 for my thesis? Thanks. #talkingtothegods

You never do until you do it.

I grew angel wings today. like the ones people tattoo on their backs. Some also with ink. And I flew. I was on Stokcholmsgade. Nobody saw me. But I did. She said I can always learn to fly. And I never did until I did it. I was looking at everything from above and I... Continue Reading →

23 of 2016

I don't like even numbers. Or years, for that matter. I'm looking forward for 2017, that's for sure. But if we are to stick to tradition, here's the 23 of 2016: I started working at Novo Nordisk and I love it. So much, that I'm now going there everyday. I got a 12 for Management of Change... Continue Reading →

This is gonna be good.

18th of December 2016 I was looking at my empty bookshelf, mopping the carpetless floor and I suddenly got sad. Maybe it was the song. Maybe I'm way too sensitive. Maybe it's just that these past days have been crazy.  Or maybe it's just that we leave a part of us everywhere we leave from.... Continue Reading →

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