Day 360

2nd of December 2016 I went to Halifax with the guys. And the service was so, but so good!! It really made my evening even better 🙂


Day 359

1st of December 2016 One year today. I was just going through my papers to see what I take with me and what I throw away when I move and then I found this. One year ago today I wrote to Peter. It's almost one year since I work for him. He's like my father... Continue Reading →

Day 356

28th of November 2016 I'm at the doctor's. They're going to inject me. And I'm afraid. Nevertheless, I've had a full day today, that included going for a meeting with the production project managers in Gentofte. We're gonna focus a bit on smaller projects as well. It was nice to get in contact to the... Continue Reading →

Day 355

27th of November 2016 Took a long walk and went to Mojoe to do some work. Ended up going home and being lazy, but at least it was a relaxed Sunday.

Day 354

26th of November 2016 Ok, so I'm moving. Peter found me a place with one of his neighbours - BTW, how amazing is that he did that for me? Ulla is my landlady and she invited me to join and meet the neighbours for the 'day they put the Christmas lights on' and then for... Continue Reading →

Day 353

25th of November 2016 I'm sitting here, talking to God, only to realise that I'm rambling and complaining. I can't fucking shut all these bad thoughts out. I'm a far way from who I really am. I need to get back. 

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