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Το γλυπτό

10th of April 2017

My dearest boy,

The risk was never that I might not like you. The risk was always that I might do.

And I did.

Thank you for the memories. And for the inspiration. I left Athens with a new perspective on life. Somewhere in between your smile and the poems written in bad hand writing on your kitchen wall, I found a part of me that I was missing.

In a parallel universe, on Planet 23, last weekend is repeating itself in a continuous loop.

Σε φιλώ








Remember when, at the Acropolis, I asked you for passionate love and some millions? Can we make it passionate love, some millions and  a 12 for my thesis? Thanks. #talkingtothegods

23 of 2016


I don’t like even numbers. Or years, for that matter. I’m looking forward for 2017, that’s for sure. But if we are to stick to tradition, here’s the 23 of 2016:

  1. I started working at Novo Nordisk and I love it. So much, that I’m now going there everyday.
  2. I got a 12 for Management of Change with less than 2 days of studying. I call that hustling.
  3. I traveled more than usually – Bucharest, Constanta, Milan, Bucharest, Constanta, Chania, Athens, Nicosia. Spent some quality time with friends, family and the Gods.
  4. I finally moved close to Svanemøllen, my favourite place in Copenhagen. I also moved away from Svanemøllen, because, of course…
  5. I officiated my relationship with Denmark and became a permanent resident. Jeg er en kartoffel nu.
  6. I joined Toastmasters. I can almost improvise now.
  7. I said my final goodbye. To that part of me you kept me from forgetting.
  8. I finally got my long red nails and turned them into a leitmotif. For connoisseurs.
  9. I drank a bottle of champagne. Over Skype. What were we celebrating? Cristian, don’t answer this!!!
  10. I failed two interviews with some consulting companies. I like Novo better anyways.
  11. I turned a quarter of a century. Now I can distinguish between left and right.
  12. I regained lost friendships, for which I’m deeply grateful. Doua ore la telefon? Doamne fereste!
  13. I drove a small Peugeot – oh, the irony – through the rocky Cretan mountains. And I only killed the engine when I parked.
  14. The Shaw, once again, gave me what I wanted the most. Do remember that I changed address, please!
  15. I ran ALL the 5 kilometers of the DHL race. And then went to the doctor with a dislocated knee.
  16. My sister and my best friend announced that they’re getting married. Not to each other, though.
  17. I became a member of the Young Project Management Professional Network. I am the future!
  18. I partied 6 nights straight in Oppa, with tequila and Greek music. And some rum. Then I got sick.
  19. I became famous. There are HM tags all over Copenhagen.
  20. I passes my both summer courses at CBS with a total of 6 hours of studying. I got 12 for one of them. DTU is just much better, sorry CBS…
  21. I started writing my Master Thesis and I’m in the process of becoming an Earned Value Management specialist. Keel, are you reading this?
  22. I moved to the fanciest neighborhood of Copenhagen and joined the high class.
  23. I managed to sleep 4 hours and not to be grumpy the next day. And that’s by far the greatest achievement of 2016.

This is gonna be good.

18th of December 2016

I was looking at my empty bookshelf, mopping the carpetless floor and I suddenly got sad. Maybe it was the song. Maybe I’m way too sensitive. Maybe it’s just that these past days have been crazy. 

Or maybe it’s just that we leave a part of us everywhere we leave from. I’m extremely happy to move to Kartoffelrækkerne. It’s one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen and I love it. Still… I felt the same for this one when I moved. I don’t want to stay, don’t get me wrong. But somehow it’s sad to leave 🙂

 Looking backwards, many of the saddest times in my life turn out to be the happiest. So I *must* be happy now. Yeah. This is gonna be good. Why else would I be crying?

Day 368

8th of December 2016

10PM. Still at the office. Thesis life.

Day 365

6th of December 2016

Full circle. Or is it?

Day 364

5th of December 2016

Thank you, Lars. I lige mode. 

Day 360

2nd of December 2016

I went to Halifax with the guys. And the service was so, but so good!! It really made my evening even better 🙂

Day 359

1st of December 2016

One year today. I was just going through my papers to see what I take with me and what I throw away when I move and then I found this. One year ago today I wrote to Peter. It’s almost one year since I work for him. He’s like my father in so many ways that it’s frightening. I’m so, but so grateful to have him as a mentor.

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