You never do until you do it.

I grew angel wings today. like the ones people tattoo on their backs. Some also with ink. And I flew. I was on Stokcholmsgade. Nobody saw me. But I did. She said I can always learn to fly. And I never did until I did it. I was looking at everything from above and I... Continue Reading →


Day 160

17th of May 2016 The Danish girl. Speaking of unconditional love. How far would you go? How much can you love a person? What do you love when you love? We are certainly not our bodies. And even if we were, the parts of our bodies regenerate every seven? years. So what is it that... Continue Reading →

Day 127

15th of April 2016   I went and did my nails today. Because I was running out of excuses not to study. Now, the place where I do my nails is very cheap. That is mostly because the personnel is underpaid. They are Romanian, the employees. I would have said Romanian Gypsies, risking to sound... Continue Reading →

Day 87

6th of March 2016 M-am trezit fără chef azi. Mi-a luat ceva timp să găsesc un motiv bun pentru a mă ridica din pat. E una din perioadele alea în care nu mă frapează nimic, cum zicea un prieten vechi.  Frappe! Dar n-am lapte... Oh well, Greek coffee it is. Mi-am aprins o țigară. Mă uit... Continue Reading →

Adele and saying goodbye

13th of February 2016 "Someone like you". This song, like many others was assigned. Is assigned. So assigned that the last time I saw him, the shuffle player decided to play it right on time for our final hug. And even if we see each other again in this lifetime, that was still our final goodbye.... Continue Reading →

Day 52

31st of January 2016 In trying to forget, I blocked all the good memories. And you from Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and any other social media I could. Now, that was all fine in the forgetting and getting over process. Because how else would I move on, right? But now that I'm over us, I'd like... Continue Reading →

What is love?

29th of January 2016 ...Baby don't hurt me... Haha. No. It has nothing to do with the song. I'm actually listening to some Spanish music right now. I had a great evening with my roomates yesterday. Which made me realize that maybe I don't really want to move after all. It was also the first... Continue Reading →

Despre Carla

20th of January 2016 Despre relația mea cu Carla's Dreams. Și despre melodia care a devenit hit înainte să fie lansată. N-am fost niciodată fana vreunei formații. Cel mai aproape de a fi, am fost cu Paraziții. Și pe Eminem îl simpatizez. A fost sursă mea de motivație așa cum Ombladon a fost singurul mod... Continue Reading →

Day 38

17th of January 2016 Data va rămâne mereu în engleză. Îmi place cum arătă. Și așa scriu și în jurnal. Să fim consecvenți, zic. M-am hotărât. N-are sens să încerc să mai scriu în engleză, deși potențiala mea audiență, e mai mult anglofonă decât... românofonã? Anyways. Am să scriu cum scriu eu. N-are engleza cuvinte... Continue Reading →

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