Day 365

6th of December 2016 Full circle. Or is it?


Day 160

17th of May 2016 The Danish girl. Speaking of unconditional love. How far would you go? How much can you love a person? What do you love when you love? We are certainly not our bodies. And even if we were, the parts of our bodies regenerate every seven? years. So what is it that... Continue Reading →

Day 127

15th of April 2016   I went and did my nails today. Because I was running out of excuses not to study. Now, the place where I do my nails is very cheap. That is mostly because the personnel is underpaid. They are Romanian, the employees. I would have said Romanian Gypsies, risking to sound... Continue Reading →

Day 123

11th of April 2016 Having dinner with a beautiful man. Inside out. BJ Miller. Eating junk and enjoying it without remorse. This multi-layered fragrance spoiling my senses. And roses.

Day 118

6th of April 2016 I would call it a match. I am very loyal. And it feels good to have something worthwhile to be loyal to. I was attending an event with another company, just to get it confirmed that I'm in the right place. I ❤ Novo. And the 23 can confirm that it... Continue Reading →

Day 115

3rd of April 2016 It's clouded tonight, but if it wasn't, I'd see the stars from bed. Again. Finally. It feels a lot like home 🙂

Day 114

2nd of April 2016 When driving around in Copenhagen feels better than driving around in Constanta.  

Day 113

1st of April 2016 I'm moving. Tonight is the last night in Valby. And while going through my stuff, I found a letter to myself from 2014 - Sønderborg, that is. It still gives me shivers now when I think about it. But that's gonna be a post of itself. It's too good. Until then,... Continue Reading →

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