23 of 2016


I don’t like even numbers. Or years, for that matter. I’m looking forward for 2017, that’s for sure. But if we are to stick to tradition, here’s the 23 of 2016:

  1. I started working at Novo Nordisk and I love it. So much, that I’m now going there everyday.
  2. I got a 12 for Management of Change with less than 2 days of studying. I call that hustling.
  3. I traveled more than usually – Bucharest, Constanta, Milan, Bucharest, Constanta, Chania, Athens, Nicosia. Spent some quality time with friends, family and the Gods.
  4. I finally moved close to Svanemøllen, my favourite place in Copenhagen. I also moved away from Svanemøllen, because, of course…
  5. I officiated my relationship with Denmark and became a permanent resident. Jeg er en kartoffel nu.
  6. I joined Toastmasters. I can almost improvise now.
  7. I said my final goodbye. To that part of me you kept me from forgetting.
  8. I finally got my long red nails and turned them into a leitmotif. For connoisseurs.
  9. I drank a bottle of champagne. Over Skype. What were we celebrating? Cristian, don’t answer this!!!
  10. I failed two interviews with some consulting companies. I like Novo better anyways.
  11. I turned a quarter of a century. Now I can distinguish between left and right.
  12. I regained lost friendships, for which I’m deeply grateful. Doua ore la telefon? Doamne fereste!
  13. I drove a small Peugeot – oh, the irony – through the rocky Cretan mountains. And I only killed the engine when I parked.
  14. The Shaw, once again, gave me what I wanted the most. Do remember that I changed address, please!
  15. I ran ALL the 5 kilometers of the DHL race. And then went to the doctor with a dislocated knee.
  16. My sister and my best friend announced that they’re getting married. Not to each other, though.
  17. I became a member of the Young Project Management Professional Network. I am the future!
  18. I partied 6 nights straight in Oppa, with tequila and Greek music. And some rum. Then I got sick.
  19. I became famous. There are HM tags all over Copenhagen.
  20. I passes my both summer courses at CBS with a total of 6 hours of studying. I got 12 for one of them. DTU is just much better, sorry CBS…
  21. I started writing my Master Thesis and I’m in the process of becoming an Earned Value Management specialist. Keel, are you reading this?
  22. I moved to the fanciest neighborhood of Copenhagen and joined the high class.
  23. I managed to sleep 4 hours and not to be grumpy the next day. And that’s by far the greatest achievement of 2016.

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