This is gonna be good.

18th of December 2016

I was looking at my empty bookshelf, mopping the carpetless floor and I suddenly got sad. Maybe it was the song. Maybe I’m way too sensitive. Maybe it’s just that these past days have been crazy. 

Or maybe it’s just that we leave a part of us everywhere we leave from. I’m extremely happy to move to Kartoffelrækkerne. It’s one of the fanciest neighbourhoods in Copenhagen and I love it. Still… I felt the same for this one when I moved. I don’t want to stay, don’t get me wrong. But somehow it’s sad to leave 🙂

 Looking backwards, many of the saddest times in my life turn out to be the happiest. So I *must* be happy now. Yeah. This is gonna be good. Why else would I be crying?


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