23 of 2016

I don't like even numbers. Or years, for that matter. I'm looking forward for 2017, that's for sure. But if we are to stick to tradition, here's the 23 of 2016: I started working at Novo Nordisk and I love it. So much, that I'm now going there everyday. I got a 12 for Management of Change... Continue Reading →


This is gonna be good.

18th of December 2016 I was looking at my empty bookshelf, mopping the carpetless floor and I suddenly got sad. Maybe it was the song. Maybe I'm way too sensitive. Maybe it's just that these past days have been crazy.  Or maybe it's just that we leave a part of us everywhere we leave from.... Continue Reading →

Day 360

2nd of December 2016 I went to Halifax with the guys. And the service was so, but so good!! It really made my evening even better 🙂

Day 359

1st of December 2016 One year today. I was just going through my papers to see what I take with me and what I throw away when I move and then I found this. One year ago today I wrote to Peter. It's almost one year since I work for him. He's like my father... Continue Reading →

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