Day 354

26th of November 2016

Ok, so I’m moving. Peter found me a place with one of his neighbours – BTW, how amazing is that he did that for me?

Ulla is my landlady and she invited me to join and meet the neighbours for the ‘day they put the Christmas lights on’ and then for dinner. 

Wait what? Yes, I had my first dinner with a Danish family. Not only is Ulla amazingly nice for inviting me, but I have also felt good. Really good. It was relaxed and enjoyable and cozy and warm. 

There is this myth going around that Danes are cold. And formal. And weird. There are two possibilities, either they are and I am too, or they are not. I tend to think that they are and I am too. But then again it also depends on who you meet. 

Maybe I’ve been lucky to meet the right people. Maybe it’s because I always expect the worse from people. Maybe it’s because I generally choose carefully and am very selective with whom I let in my life. Maybe a combination of all this.

Either way, my first real Danish experience was amazing. One of my neighbours is a diplomat, another a layer, and another a professor. Not bad.

And Ulla is a Taurus.


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