Day 297

6th of October 2016

  1. I was on the top 0.05℅.
  2. I still like Qvartz, they’re good people.
  3. There’s so much faking until you make it.
  4. I am not a real engineer and that’s OK.
  5. I don’t like numbers, never had.
  6. I’m great with people, they loved my personality.
  7. I wasn’t even sad. On the contrary.
  8. I needed to make it that far to understand that having to work with numbers and data analysis would have been torture.
  9. I have to work with people.
  10. I again need to figure out what to do with my life.
  11. Like with the other love of my life, I needed to be very close to actually getting it to understand it wouldn’t have made me happy.
  12. I learned things. About me.
  13. When the universe told me to apply to Qvartz that hot day of  July, it was not to become a consultant with them, but to get over my inferiority complex, to get it confirmed that my grades are actually good, to meet all these great people and to finally realise that’s not me. 
  14. Consulting is not something you do for the money, as tempting as it might be. You’ll get burnt out quite soon.
  15. I was rejected and I’m fine with it.
  16. Ironically, I’m more confident about my abilities.
  17. Anne invited me for coffee.
  18. I actually had chicken and enjoyed it.
  19. I knew I was out by the second case and still had fun with the third.
  20. The moment when I looked in the mirror and felt dread at the idea that I might do another case if I make it to the next round, I understand that it was not for me.
  21. I need two more things until I make it to 23.
  22. I gave it my best.
  23. If I need to prepare for something more than 2 weeks and stress so much about it, then it’s not what I want to do as a job.

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