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October 2016

Day 320

30th of October 2016

Glimpse. The sun is shining. I went out to a cafe to prepare my presentation. I relaxed. It was a happy day.

Day 319

29th of October 2016

My beautiful Østerbro. I talked to the universe. He said it’s fine, I can stay. He’s working on it, so no worries.

Day 318

28th of October 2016

I’m drunk. In the central station waiting for the train. I had an amazing time at the party. Listening to Pink. Feeling the happiness in my body. I think I’ll get out of here. Thank you, more please 

Day 317

27th of October 2016

It’s the little things in life. Always in the details. 

Day 316

26th of October

Morning vanilla sky. 

Day 315

25th of October


Day 314

24th of October 2016

I’m so angry. Pissed at everything and everyone. I wanna runaway. Still, I’d like to take this time out to remind you that there’s only one curly red head in NN2. Regards, MHZC

Day 313

23rd of October 2016

I was sad today. Wanted to do something about it, but didn’t feel like doing anything or talking to anyone. Then I was on my way out to go for a walk and I was thinking that it’d be nice to call someone. But I didn’t, because I didn’t think I’d be a great conversation partner. 10 seconds later I take out my phone to play some music. He had just written me.

I don’t believe in soulmates anymore. At least not by the commonly understood definition. But I once did. And he was it. Always there when I needed him the most. 

I’m still not particularly happy now, but at least that’s really something to be grateful for.

Day 312

22nd of October 2016

I remember having this problem when I worked at Bronx. I also remember the conscious change in mindset and how that immediately turned things around.

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