Day 278

16th of September 2016

Today was a crazy one. 

I come back from the office, in front of my building I bump into my ex. I go out again, in front of his building I meet the other ex. And I don’t believe in coincidences. What to make of this?

I go downtown to buy myself a shirt, the lady there starts a discussion about life. My favourite topic. She ends up telling me that nothing is good or bad, and we’re on the right path at any given time. Something I truly believe in. And it gives me this feeling of ‘Oh, I’m not the only crazy person around here’.

I come back home, on my way, I look at the moon. I normally talk to other entities, but this time I felt the need to let her know that there’s two things I want badly now and she should help me get them. I repeat, I don’t normally talk to the moon.

Then I get home and I see this on my Facebook timeline: Happy full moon in Pisces. If you believe in these things, it’s said that this is the time to make peace with your past and reconnect with who you really are. 

Well, Einstein said there’s only two ways to live your life. I choose living like everything’s a miracle.

And totally unrelated, I had great Italian food at Rossopomodorro. 


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