Day 292

30th of September 2016 One of the most important things for me is respect. I don't respect many people and it's quite hard to earn my respect. Not because I'm this arrogant person that thinks she's above everyone else. Far from it. But I do consistently work hard to become the best possible version of... Continue Reading →


Day 291

29th of September 2016 Privește cerul.

Day 289

27th of September 2016 I leave this here. First, for proof that I did prepare. Second, because after a few days of panic, I again believe it's possible. I can do it. I know I can. It's just a lot of focus, hard work and calculations. Mama ei de aritmetica...

Day 284

22nd of September 2016 I can still do it. As I told Ana. It's impossible and that's exactly why I'm gonna make it. Just need a bit of time to overcome the stress. That's why I'm here.

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