Day 235

4th of August 2016

So, I just went through an exam I was not prepared for. I decided that whatever will be, will be.

If I fail, then it’s because  management of multinationals will be very useful for my career and I need to thoroughly study it. 

If I pass, then what I know now is enough and since the grade doesn’t bear any importance, there was no need to walk the extra mile.

Two things here, Creatzo.

Excellence is a habit. If you don’t practice it, you might lose it. I’m saying this only because you’re starting your thesis soon and that’s an aspect where you need to walk an extra 5 kilometres, like for the DHL run.

You’re smart. I’m proud of what you’ve written today after a maximum of 4 hours spent on studying the subject. Great. This time you’ve stretched it as far as you could. Don’t fucking do it again!!! I don’t like this feeling. You always do your best, do you hear me? 

Yes, and now I’m grateful for sitting on this bench under the sun in Amager, reflecting on these happenings.


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