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mihaela hozmache


August 2016

Day 262

31st of August 2016

Last day of summer. I leave this here. As a symbol for my Greek obsessions. Both of them.

Day 261

30th of August 2016

Spent 11 hours at the office today. And my PowerPoint took life. I cut-pasted something and then what was left was this – Make it. Ok, got it. I promised it before, anyways.

Day 260

29th of August 2016

DHL run. 31 minutes. Despite the pain. Because I can. It was fun. I loved it. Out of my comfort zone. 

Day 259

28th of August 2016

Kiwi tree.

Day 258

27th of August 2016

I said this summer’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker. Now that’s coming to an end, it did. I’m grateful. 

Day 257

26th of August 2016

With a view.

Day 256

25th of August 2016

The thing  about not taking pictures is that I forget. My parents’ anniversary. GPO monthly meeting… This. 

Day 255

24th of August 2016

Forever 23

Day 254

23rd of August 2016

Stress. Good stress. 23. End of summer. Beginning of Master Thesis.

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