Day 231

31st of July 2016 I hate waiting. For a second there I got angry. Then I saw this. I calmed down and went into gratitude mode. 


Day 230

30th of July 2016 - Can I ask you something? Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date? - Are we talking anyone specific? Well...We accept the love we think we deserve.  - Can we make them know that they deserve more? - We can try. 

Day 229

29th of July 2016 În caz că te întrebi de unde vin toate stările. Din suflet, Creatzo. El știe întotdeauna. 

Day 228

28th of July 2016 I went to DTU to get some practical information regarding my thesis. I already miss it and I haven't graduated yet...

Day 227

27th of July 2016 I changed my nail color. Because I get bored easily. I don't like them more than red, though. But at least now I know.

Day 225

25th of July 2016 Asta-i pentru tine, Cristian. OK, melodia e pentru ea. Textul. Textul e pentru tine. Dacă ea te-a ales, am să te iubesc ca pe copilul meu. Dacă se întâmpla asta acum câțiva ani, ți-aș fi spus sec - "Îi rupi inima-ți rup capul". Dar am învățat să nu am așteptări de... Continue Reading →

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