Day 201

29th of June 2016 Here I am. Riding the train instead of driving. Not smoking. Wearing a trench in the end of June. This picture shows subtly a few of the compromises I had the most difficulty in making. The idea is that I can't ignore the benefits. That's all there is. A cost-benefit analysis.... Continue Reading →


Day 200

28th of June 2016 One year ago on the 28th of June I was at CBS in this room doing the exact same thing. Taking a class in ISUP. Being bored.  I couldn't care less about your made up definitions of the sharing venture. What I do care about is my level of confidence. I'm... Continue Reading →

Day 198

26th of June 2016 Sometimes, all you need is a turist to remind you how beautiful the city you live in is. And a friend to remind you of what makes you happy. And another friend to remind you that you have everything you desperately wanted 6 months ago. So, I'm back!

Day 197

25th of June 2016 Warm. Very warm. Like real summer, only Denmark. I walked a lot. It felt good.

Day 195

23rd of June 2016 Walking in the rain with high heels and a dislocated toe. Totally worth it. A, and by the way, if I ever have a daughter, she's gonna be Aglaia.

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