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June 2016

Day 201

29th of June 2016

Here I am. Riding the train instead of driving. Not smoking. Wearing a trench in the end of June. This picture shows subtly a few of the compromises I had the most difficulty in making. The idea is that I can’t ignore the benefits. That’s all there is. A cost-benefit analysis. More benefits than costs.  

We should change strategy. If we’re staying for the benefits, might as well make them big. Really big.

Day 200

28th of June 2016

One year ago on the 28th of June I was at CBS in this room doing the exact same thing. Taking a class in ISUP. Being bored. 

I couldn’t care less about your made up definitions of the sharing venture. What I do care about is my level of confidence. I’m more confident in my own abilities than last year and than I’ve ever been, for that matter. And that’s thanks to DTU and Novo. Forever grateful. 

Day 199

27th of June 2016

Sah mat. 

Day 198

26th of June 2016


Sometimes, all you need is a turist to remind you how beautiful the city you live in is. And a friend to remind you of what makes you happy. And another friend to remind you that you have everything you desperately wanted 6 months ago.

So, I’m back!

Day 197

25th of June 2016


Warm. Very warm. Like real summer, only Denmark. I walked a lot. It felt good.

Day 196

24th of June 2016


Vanilla sky.

Day 195

23rd of June 2016


Walking in the rain with high heels and a dislocated toe. Totally worth it. A, and by the way, if I ever have a daughter, she’s gonna be Aglaia.

Day 194

22nd of June 2016


My Kalithea stone. Or about starry nights and skinny dipping.

Day 193

20th of June 2016

12 hours of sleep.

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