Day 167

24th of May 2016


I wish I could say ‘I wish I would have studied more’, but I won’t. And not because I don’t wish, but because I have no right to complain. I’m very radical when it comes to this. Especially with myself. We all have options. It was my decision to not give a fuck and not study at all the whole semester. I prioritised other things. So I’m not gonna be hypocritical now.

What I’m gonna do instead, is make a rigourous plan and study the whole night. Previous versions of myself and my dad would be disappointed to know I’m studying the night before the exam. But this version of myself, like Angelina, will do the best with what she has.

I guess the whole point is that once again I’m close to the near miss. You don’t get angry for missing the bus by 5 minutes, you get angry for missing it by a few seconds. It’s the same here. One more day and I would be a solid 12. I can still be, I guess. But now it’s more on luck than on me. If I get it, I will brag here tomorrow about how good I am and how I can still do it with 1/23rd of the effort. But if I don’t, I leave this here to remind me that all the luck I have comes from preparation, perspiration and hard work.

So, Creatzo, don’t push your luck. Pull it!


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