Day 173

31st of May 2016 - You can't change who people are. - Then what can you do? - You love them.


Day 171

29th of May 2016 Îți ascult muzica. Bine că ai 749 de melodii în playlist. Și bine, Doamne iarta-mã, că e un număr impar. Dacă citești asta, ești deja de prea mult timp cu telefonul în mână. Lasă-l naibii și trăiește un pic. Cheia e pe etajeră. Dacă n-o găseai înainte să plec, ar fi... Continue Reading →

Day 169

27th of May 2016 Conversations with myself. On a 5 hour bus ride. And then Guale. Remember?

Day 168

25th of May 2016 Ok, this is when I brag about how good I am. Special thanks to Sean. Without him annoying and stressing the hell out of me, I wouldn't have done it. Also, I'm very happy and grateful to have had this amazing group. We worked great together and, of course, we all... Continue Reading →

Day 167

24th of May 2016 I wish I could say 'I wish I would have studied more', but I won't. And not because I don't wish, but because I have no right to complain. I'm very radical when it comes to this. Especially with myself. We all have options. It was my decision to not give... Continue Reading →

Day 165

22nd if May 2016 Between existential crises, change management and long bus rides, one thing is certain. I fucking love you.

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