Day 142

30th of April 2016 I saw this the other day in Christianshavn - which for some reason I associate with you. And I tried really hard not to make that day about you. But today I'm allowing myself to. I miss you. - το κορίτσι


Day 141

29th of April 2016 Went out with the GPO crew. Speaking of breaking patterns. Let's make it a tradition, I say - to be directly translated from the Romanian "zic" -.

Day 139

27th of April 2016 Cât de minunat este că au trecut 139 de zile și eu încă scriu? Sau că de ceva timp îmi beau cafeaua fără zahăr? Că ploaia și vremea mohorâtă nu-mi mai schimbă stările? Că ascult acum Delia - "Ce are ea" și nu mă doare? Că acum sunt la biblioteca să... Continue Reading →

Day 137

25th of April 2016 For all the Romanian music played in Tutten for us. For the after parties in HK. For the trips to Flensburg. For all the sleepless nights. For all the tequila shots. For that Christmas. For iFabrikken and SSF. For Cafeen. For thesis writing. For Preben and SK. For my leather couch.... Continue Reading →

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