Day 112

31st of March 2016 I'm so, but so happy. Happy happy happy. I have a goal on my desktop for months and months now - Move to Østerbro. But I guess I needed a little push -thanks, Zoltan! I'm moving close to Svanemøllen. My favourite place in Copenhagen. Close to Kapers. And that Arab shop... Continue Reading →


Day 111

30th of March 2016 I felt powerful today. Nothing can stop me, I'm my own God kind of feeling. Maybe the heels and the new lipstick. Maybe the guys noticing my hair being different. Maybe the TEMO effect, that always boosts my confidence. Either way, thank you, more please.

Day 110

29th of March 2016 I thought it would be harder to come back. Not at all. Spent a little more in the mirror in the morning. Just because I could. Went on to have coffee with Iris. Because we're so cool that we can have coffee in Constanta and Copenhagen in the same week. I... Continue Reading →

Day 109

28th of March 2016 It doesn't matter where we end up. As long as we enjoy the ride. And for that, I'm all in.

Day 108

27th of March 2016 Ultima zi de Constanța Sunt în drum spre București. Iar postul ăsta e în română. Pentru că cei care trebuie să-l citească nu vorbesc engleză. Sunt fericită pentru că zilele astea au fost perfecte. Scurt și intens, ca un espresso lung. Am o liniște sufletească și sentimentul că va fi din... Continue Reading →

Day 107

26th of March 2016 The last night. There are no coincidences. And we're grown ups now. Just remember that we chose the same wine.    

Day 106

25th of March 2016 A little bit of Denmark in Romania. And here I am. Caught in between. I wish I didn't have to choose. I want the best of the two worlds. I guess I just need to become rich and famous. Actually, I don't really need to be famous. Here's my compromise. Or... Continue Reading →

Day 105

24th of March 2016 Day 3 It's dark. Amy's going back to black. And I go back to us. I'm sitting in my armchair. My favourite place in the house. I'm smoking the emotional cigarette. The one that must accompany any intense feeling. The bittersweet. Thinking of Domnișoara Hozmache of last night. Wanting more. The... Continue Reading →

Day 104

23rd of March 2016 Day 2 She wants to get through to you. Give her your heart and she'll hold you closer. She'll love you til the day she dies.

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