Day 64

12th of February 2016


This is one of those days when I wanna quit. Luckily Nikos told us that only losers quit. And we took it literally… But that’s a different story 🙂

I mean quit writing here. I had an amazing day, beginning with the brightest and sunniest morning this year and ending up with going out and having a really good time with a very interesting person. Amazing.

But there’s two things here. I only write good quality, funny and interesting pieces when I’m sad. Like any respectable artist, haha. And writing about gratefulness, just isn’t as fun. Nor to read, nor to write. On the other hand, I can’t really express and explain thoroughly my gratitude feelings, because the post is still publicly available.

So why do it? Well, because I said I will and I should keep my promise. Because I’ve managed to make a daily entry, with a few exceptions, for 2 months. Because there are a few people that do read it and who knows, maybe they do get inspired by something they see in here. And ultimately, the main reason why I started this in the first place – practising being vulnerable and exposing myself.

And because Anton has a fountain pen. Which made me think of starting using mine again. Which means I was inspired by him. Maybe one day, apart from my middle name, he’s also gonna find interesting ideas that will inspire him to… whatever.

So yes, no quitting today.


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