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February 2016

Day 81

29th of February 2016


That type of year that has a longer February. I took a refreshing walk today. On the other side of Østerbro 🙂

Day 80

28th of February 2016


Today I wrote in my diary. Yay. Finally, real pen and paper. The disadvantage of having this blog is that I don’t write that much outside of it.

The picture is totally unrelated. I just loved how my desk looked today.

Day 79

27th of February 2016


The amount of happiness you consistently bring to my life is incommensurable. And for that I am not grateful, I’m feeling blessed.

Day 78

26th of February 2016


My birthday party. It was amazing. It started badly, with a fire, police and technical issues. But we danced like crazy and had great fun, in the end. Thank you guys for being there! Especially the ones who travelled great distances to come to DTU. I really appreciate it and you made my night.

Day 77

25th of February 2016


The joy.

Day 76

24th of February 2016


The Greek version.

Day 75

23rd of February 2016


The Danes have this saying that if you’re a good person, the sun will shine on your birthday. On my birthday, there was sun in the morning, rain in the afternoon and an amazing clear sky and full moon in the night. I guess I’m equally good and bad and everything in between.

But what I’m grateful for the most is all the wishes I got from so many people. They made my day better. And this couldn’t sound more cliché.

I think it was quite fun to recieve wishes in so many different languages. Nicola, by far, yours was the best. I had cake, candles, recieved flowers and great wine – ευχαριστώ, Ιοαννις, and not only for that. I was happy like a kid. People celebrated me in Romania and Cyprus as well – I love the international nature of my life. But the best gift I could get for my birthday is meeting a deadline – Game Over, dear.

Happy 25.

Day 74

22nd of February 2016


The introvert in me is happy. And sad. At the same time. And wine.

Day 73

21st of February 2016


Studying and time for myself. Makeup tutorials and all.

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