Day 49

28th of January 2016


Here’s the deal. I got my dream job. And it’s beyond my wildest dreams. It’s exactly what I wanted in terms of learning and being surrounded by inspiring people. I feel fulfilled and it’s a great first step in my career. And of course I’m grateful for that. Novo actually lives by it’s values. I’m happy to be part of it.

But today is about something else. Today is about reaching goals. About getting where you wanted to be. I am where I kept wanting to be for the past year. My first reaction? Fear. Of the unknown. After that? A little bit of stress. After a while, today I can finally say that I felt happy for my accomplishment. I needed to get used to the new situation. I needed to adjust to the new status qvo.

It’s amazing how people can get lost in their own heads with their fears… So no, the feeling of getting what I wanted was not as I expected it to be in the beginning. Maybe that’s why I keep seeking what I can’t have, haha. But it was in the meeting with Robert today that it hit me. I realised. I was finally out of my head and into the business.

Note to self: You fucking did it, Creatzo!!! Do, by all means, enjoy it!


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