Day 36

15th of January 2016


I haven’t had this much fun in ages. I guess I remembered I’m still a student. And Raluca was there. And I could be myself, crazy and all. I’m still very excited about last night, like a kid who found the candy stash. 

The moment I’m most grateful for, is a glimpse, of course. That split of a second when I realised that my cheeks are hurting from too much smiling, my head is spinning from just enough tequila and my feet were moving on their own from the good music – thank you, Çagri, you made my night!

I drank like crazy, I danced like crazy and I was so so happy, that even today, headache and all, I’m still super happy. Rainbow and butterflies. I mean… Tequila and vocal house. Thank you, more please.


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