Day 29

7th of January 2016

IMG_20160107_183819.jpgToday I had a burger at Bronx – which I recommend. Not only because it’s tasty and cheap, but also because I have worked side by side with the people making it, for almost one year. They are kind, positive, reliable and responsible people. I have said it before and I will say it again. I feel honoured to have worked with such great people from whom I learned so much.

I’ve been wanting to visit Bronx as a customer for a long time. Because, despite of the fact that it’s a great place to work, I always wanted a study relevant job. And now I got it. I expected to feel much happier to go there as a guest. But I didn’t. It’s a strange thing, the mind. Or maybe just me. Maybe I’m too anchored in the past and the comfortable zone. Maybe I get too attached to people and things.

Either way, once I get over my nostalgia, I am happy and grateful to start a new chapter. Novo.


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