Day 17

26th of December 2015


We went to Kakopetria today. Clear sky, stars and crisp air. And peace. Inner peace. In a way, I grew up in Kakopetria. I spent there many summers of my life. That’s where I learnt Greek. That’s where I had my first job. That’s where I first understood that loves goes away.

On the way back, we listened to “elly’s music”, which is a folder I made 6 years ago on a USB stick that my dad still keeps in his car. I was surprised to see that most of those songs I still listen to today. They were almost all sad songs. Obviously. Being melancholic was the comfort zone of my teenagehood. But the heart warming part is that today I listened to them and I smiled. I once told someone that the biggest joy is to listen to a song that you used to cry on and smile. As a metaphore for life, of course.

Those songs were mostly dedicated to my soulmate. And yes, I have one. And no, we’re not together. And hopefully, we’ll meet again in our next life. There’s a theory according to which the soulmate is someone who comes along, changes your life for the better and then leaves. Soulmates are not made to be together for life.

In the end, that would be so boring. All that bliss, perfection, all that joy and love. Keep them for too long and they’ll become trivial. Or will they?

Nevertheless, the thing that I’m most grateful for today is that I just had a conversation with my soulmate and I felt at home again. In 3 days there will be 6 years since we met. 29th of December. Although I have 23 tattood on my back, 29 is tattood on my soul. We grew up and grew apart, with completely different paths. But we can still talk like nothing changed. And we still understand each other without words. And he is still the only one who knows how to deal with my crazyness. Yet.

I loved other people since. I am in love now and I know I will love again. And every love is unique and has a limited time frame. So do projects. And like projects, they also have deliverables. Memories.

A fost perfect.


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