Day 11

20th of December 2015

IMG_20151220_164830.jpgThis is Nataliia. To be read Natasha. And today I am grateful for being friends with her. We met at an event in Prokura, actually. But we got closer while working together for a school project in DTU. And we connected. That’s also because we have similar life stories and because we are both fighters. But what’s most important is that we can be natural around each other. For the good and the worse. And maybe what I’m most grateful for is that she has seen my bad side. Times when I was angry and bitchy. And she’s still here. Because she saw the person beneath that. And she gave me some precious advice. And I’m sure that other people wouldn’t have taken the trouble. But she did. I am grateful to have people like that in my life. Especially if we can go for coffee and smoke, laugh and have what I call ‘deep shit conversations’.


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