23 of 2015

31st of December 2015 The 23 that made 2015 one of the best years so far: I started my Master in Engineering Management at the Technical University of Denmark. One of the biggest accomplishments and the best choice of career path, provided my background. I found a part-time job and for the first time in... Continue Reading →


Day 21

30th of December 2015 My mom brought me a rose!

Day 19

28th of December 2015 Today is about the joy of watching a good series. It's something I haven't done in a long while. It caught me. Mainly because it's about love. But real love, as in real life. Where people don't always end up together. Numele ei îmi va face mereu inima să-mi bată mai... Continue Reading →

Day 17

26th of December 2015 We went to Kakopetria today. Clear sky, stars and crisp air. And peace. Inner peace. In a way, I grew up in Kakopetria. I spent there many summers of my life. That's where I learnt Greek. That's where I had my first job. That's where I first understood that loves goes... Continue Reading →

Day 15

24th of December 2015 Today I'm grateful for finally buying from that brand I could never afford before. And I know I should be less superficial than that. But sometimes, it just feels good.  

Day 14

23rd of December 2015 - the best day of the year And not because it was sunny and 18 degrees. Not even because I spent the day cooking with mom and the evening having deep conversations with dad. But because I felt happy and carefree. Like everything is well in the world and even what's... Continue Reading →

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